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Expand into Western Australia with the support of Perth Landing Pad.

International startups and scaleups from Asia and beyond are invited, and supported along the way, to create global WA-based businesses.


Tap into the entrepreneurial support services located in Perth.

As part of the Perth Landing Pad program, international startup and scaleup ventures will have the chance to tap into the entrepreneurial support services located in Perth.


Get the support you need, on a national level.

Perth Landing Pad, powered by Spacecubed, is proudly supported by The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and City of Perth.


Experience life and work in WA, as you immerse yourself in one of the most innovative business ecosystems and one of the most sustainable cities on the planet.

Set up & grow a Perth subsidiary

Take advantage of our Business Networks, Local Advisors and Entrepreneurial Support Services to help you navigate Perth's ecosystem. 

Explore pathways into new markets

Perth shares GMT+8 timezone with 24% of the world’s population, making it the perfect base for Australian businesses to access global markets. 

Be immersed in a vibrant culture

Perth is a smart, safe and compact city that is known for its strong and innovative startup ecosystem and creative atmosphere. 


Who is this program for?

Companies from across the globe are invited to apply for the program, including, established companies, SMEs and scale-ups. Those who will get the most out of this program are high-growth companies looking to expand into APAC, and SME's wanting to sell into the Australian market.

Perth Landing Pad is designed to cater to international startups at different points in their business journey. Below outlines what is included in the program, and how you can get involved.


Ongoing support, available all year round

Perth Landing Pad provides ongoing support, available all year round. It is available both in person, and as a virtual immersion, run as a self-paced program with targeted connections and business support along the way. This program provides the following opportunities for international founders and teams:

  • Access to Business Boosted Events (if applicable)
  • Mentoring with Key Business Experts based in WA
  • 1on1 Sessions with our Mentor in Residence, designed to create a go-to market roadmap for the WA ecosystem
  • Online Hub with Business Sprint Resources
  • Support from Spacecubed’s Program Team
  • Targeted Connections with Local Businesses
  • Access to in-country Coworking and Community for up to 90 Days
    (Any in person elements are optional, but encouraged)
  • Guidance for Obtaining Long-Term Residency

Perth Landing Pad is made possible by...


Perth Landing Pad works closely with local service providers and international hubs to support innovation and talent in our state.

To explore partnership opportunities, including how international hubs can work with Perth Landing Pad, please reach out to us today and express interest in learning more about what's involved.

Landing Pad - Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program designed just for tech companies?

No, Perth Landing Pad is open to businesses from all industries and sectors.

Are there any program costs?

Both the Inbound and Cohort Stream of Perth Landing Pad are free (by successful application) to the participant.

However, all expenses for travel, accomodation and living costs for the in-person portion of the program are not included.

Will you help fund travel, accommodation and living costs?

Unfortunately not. This program is free (by application) all aspects are included for all participants. Other expenses such as flights and accommodation are not included.

Is this a government program?

Perth Landing Pad is run by Spacecubed, with the support of Government partners including City of Perth and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

Is this program run virtually?

There will be elements to the program that run virtually, however founders will get the most value connecting directly with those on the ground in Perth, and give them increased relationships, networks and opportunities. 

What's involved in the program?

The program is available both in person, and as a virtual immersion. It is a self-paced program that provides ongoing support through online resources, business mentoring and connections made from Spacecubed’s Programs team to the startup. 

Startups are invited to relocate to WA for up to 90 days, and support will be provided by Spacecubed’s Programs team to attain the correct Visa sponsorship. It is up to the startup to fund the travel, accommodation and living expenses while in WA. Spacecubed’s Programs Team will provide support where and if possible.

Any in person elements are optional, but encouraged.

How can Spacecubed support my business grow?

Spacecubed's connections to local industry, Australia-wide community, vibrant event schedule and coworking hubs are the perfect 'landing pad' for those looking to grow.

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Hear from our program participants


Matt Ainsworth,
Startup Founder Mindset

"Landing Pad provided me with a starting point into the local startup ecosystem. Getting access to the Spacecubed office, events and other programs were amazing entry points that helped to quickly boost the opportunities for my business."
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Milind Yedkar,
AccuPredict Services

"We applied to the program to create meaningful connections within the mining industry, and provide demonstrations on live equipment so potential customers in Western Australia can see how valuable our services are."
Read more


Punit Kotecha,

"We’re very excited and positive about Australia as a whole country, and discovering the Perth Landing Pad program is a perfect thing that happened to us at just the right time as it opens up the gate to entering the West Australian market for us."
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Chithra Salin,
Talent Basket

"We aim to leverage the program to establish valuable connections, gain insights and foster collaborations that contribute to Talent Basket's growth in WA. Expanding into WA is a strategic move to tap into the region's diverse talent pool."
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Apply for the Perth Landing Pad Program

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Fill out the form below to start your application for Perth Landing Pad. Once you have submitted the below, you will be redirected to the full application form to finalise. Our team endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible with your results!