How has COVID-19 changed the future of work?

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Business owners no longer wanting long-term leases

With many business owners getting stuck in long-term leases during the lockdown period, and not being able to change their terms or be offered any rent-relief, they're now looking towards flexible solutions that allow them to save money and be prepared if anything happens in the future.

While the cost to set up in a traditional office spaces is much higher than a flex workspace, businesses also no longer need as much space as in the past. Now, we're seeing a new hybrid way of working, with teams switching between days in an office and days at home.

Why are business owners stating, I'll Never Have A Lease Again?
Business owners are choosing flex space over commercial leases post COVID-19. But why?

Increased demand for flexible working solutions

As a result of COVID-19, business owners, individuals and corporates are now turning to flex workspaces as not only an option to save money, but to allow their employees the chance to be a part of a vibrant and active community.

If we learnt anything during the lockdown period, it's that human interaction is more important than ever, and having somewhere separate from your personal space can be necessary for peak productivity in teams.


The future at Spacecubed is flexible.


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